Thursday, September 27, 2012

fall planning: anise

Colette Patterns image
Swoon.  I bought the Anise pattern and e-book as soon as they were released and commited myself without hesitation to the sewalong, despite having checked off not even one of my (non-sewing) to-do items for September and generally having a lot going on already.  Why not add a lined, tailored jacket with details I've never tried before (welt pockets, bound buttonholes, interlining)? 

image by Mark Teague from Poppleton in Fall by Cynthia Rylant
I do love the short swingy shape and hope to eventually make a red wool version with white buttons (but a red collar) like Cherry Sue's.  Yes, I'm inspired by the illustrated coat of a fictional llama.  

But first, I have to make the version that has been in my head for a while, based on a vintage jacket I used to own.  It was way too big for me, so I got rid of it at some point, but it was perfect.  Bright blue with white topstitching and a blue and white houndstooth lining, double breasted and swingy with a rounded collar like Anise, with big white pearly buttons.  It was longer though, more like this leather version from the Sundance catalog:

I don't know what the fabric was; it was supposed to be a lightweight raincoat so my guess is some sort of synthetic.  I bought a medium weight twill and a woven cotton for the lining with a different pattern in mind, Butterick 6805, chosen because I had it and it seemed within my reach (simple closure).   

However, Anise fits the remembered jacket better, and the guidance of the e-book and sewalong will help me a lot.  So I'm going with Anise even though I'm not using the suggested fabrics and I'll be adding some length.

Here's another Anise inpspiration-- more pea-coaty in the collar, though-- from the Sundance catalog.  How I love that plaid.

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  1. OH! I love your idea of a bright red version, and I especially love that you were inspired by a fictional llama :) The plaid coat is just fantastic, and I'm excited about your blue version too!