Thursday, January 3, 2013

reykjavik cobblestone

Remember Cobblestone? I admit I forgot about it for a dangerously long stretch since I cast on in September.  Really this is a fairly quick and basic sweater with nice details (garter stitch sides, short rows to shape the yoke), worked in the round from the bottom up.  I stalled when it came to the sleeves because I do not enjoy knitting sleeves in the round.  I took everything to Europe knowing there would be a lot of sitting around and a good chance that I could finish and wear my new sweater in Reykjavik, where wool, needles, and patterns are available at the grocery store and hand knitted sweaters are far more widely worn than polar fleece.  Just imagine that for a second.
I made both sleeves at the same time on two pairs of circular needles.  Is that the magic loop?  I'm not sure.  I seem to have lost my knitting vocabulary-- it took me a minute to remember what circular needles are called.  I also had to look up Kitchener stitch to graft the underarm stitches.  It's been a while.  Anyways, I remembered enough, I finished the day before we flew home, and the wind even stopped blowing while we took these photos.
The sleeves looked a little short before some light blocking.  And by light blocking I mean I waved it back and forth under the faucet, roughly shaped it on a towel overnight, and in the morning when it was still wet draped it over the hotel radiator to dry.  I like the easy-- but not too big-- fit and am so relieved my math worked out for once.  I adjusted the proportions to fit my measurements, nothing major, no waist shaping or other modifications.  The yarn is Berroco Blackstone Tweed, a soft and cozy wool blend (65% wool, 25% mohair, 10% angora) that knit up beautifully.  The mossy color reminds me of Iceland in the summertime.
Until now we had only been to Iceland in the summertime.  Our first trip was in '96, when we lived in Bremen, Germany.  I used a Lonely Planet guide to plan a several days hike in the interior.  Even though it rained sideways into us for much of the hike, we fell in love with the stark, stunningly beautiful landscape.  Since we moved to the U.S. in '98 we've been back a bunch of times as a stopover with Iceland Air on trips to visit family and friends in Germany.  We're big fans of breaking up the long flight and the jet lag this way, especially now that we're travelling with Fenna, who's been to Iceland twice now and loves it as much as we do. 
This time we stuck close to Reyjavik because I was worried about the roads.  The sun rose after 11 and set by 4.  It was around freezing the whole time, but that's the case in New York now too.  We spent a day soaking in geothermally heated-- and unchlorinated-- water, as usual, at a spiffy new public pool with a waterslide (big attraction for Fenna) and enjoyed three hours of fireworks from our hotel room on New Year's Eve.  The fireworks were wild-- citywide, uncoordinated, and unchoreographed, quite different from the Disney show we saw last month.  Can't wait to go back again, though I'm thinking summer is less harsh and better for exploring. 


  1. I think this post is positively marvelous. I love your sweater so so much, and I love your fantastic backdrop so much. It was great to read about your time in Iceland, which is a place I've always wanted to go, even more so now that I've read this!! The color of your sweater is perfect, by the way. I am a big fan of Berroco yarn :)

  2. I always love Cobblestone on women!! It looks great! And I am SUPER jealous of your photo shoot location!